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Elan d.o.o

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The sport of skiing is a paradox – it’s an individual sport that is only truly great when done in groups. Skiing alone, while that might sound zen, isn’t that much fun. Alone on a chairlift? Alone in the freezing wind or finding your way alone through frozen fog? Having lunch alone in the lodge? No, that doesn’t sound like much fun. But, you add great friends or family to those situations, and you have something completely different. You have an experience. You have an adventure. You have stories to share and tell for years. You’ve created great memories, together. That’s why perfect skiing days aren’t measured by ultimate snow conditions and sunny weather (although, that helps). They’re measured by emotions and the feeling that we all get being able to laugh, smile and throw high fives after a great day – whether that’s spending it carving the perfect turn on the groomers to ripping bottomless powder or just casually cruising the mountain. A great day of skiing is different for everyone, but there’s one thing they all have in common – good times. At Elan, we want our skiers to have the best time possible on the mountain and share the experience with the people closest to them. Having a good time with friends, family, kids, parents, your partner, brother, sister or cousin – that’s what skiing is all about. Skiing creates memories and memories create bonds. And that is why Elan is all about good times.

At Elan, we build skis, and we’ve been doing it in the heart of the Julian Alps for more than 70 Years. 70 years of consistently pushing the design envelope - from sidecuts to constructions, materials to production processes – we challenge ourselves to build the best performing, highest quality, state of the art standard products for friends and family to enjoy great days on the mountain. It is with uncommon valor that we have committed our brand to this one goal, and to deliver on our promise to make every day the best day on snow for Elan skiers, again and again.


Kjellstadveien 5
3402 Lier
Tlf: 67162040
Org.nr.: 952049526MVA


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